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  • C51 Version 6.23


Is there a complete listing of errors in the Ax51 User's Guide 02.2001?


Yes, the Ax51 User's Guide 02.2001 has the following errors:

  • The examples Classic 8051 with Code Banking on page 275 and Extended 8051 Variants page 276 use illegal syntax for the BANKAREA directive. The correct syntax is: BANKAREA(0x8000,0xFFFF).
  • The example for Banking With Common Area on page 303 and 304 that explains variable banking on classic 8051 devices uses an incorrect LX51 command line. The correct command line is:
    LX51 BANK1 {A.OBJ}, ..., BANK7 {G.OBJ} ... BANKAREA (0x8000, 0xFFFF)
         CLASSES (XDATA  (X:0x0-X:0x7FFF), CODE (C:0x0-C:0x7FFF),
                  HDATA  (X:0x028000-X:0x02FFFF, X:0x038000-X:0x03FFFF,
                          X:0x048000-X:0x04FFFF, X:0x058000-X:0x05FFFF,
                          X:0x068000-X:0x06FFFF, X:0x078000-X:0x07FFFF,
                          X:0x088000-X:0x08FFFF) ,
                  HCONST (B1:0x8000-B1:0xFFFF, B2:0x8000-B2:0xFFFF,
                          B3:0x8000-B3:0xFFFF, B4:0x8000-B4:0xFFFF,
                          B5:0x8000-B5:0xFFFF, B6:0x8000-B6:0xFFFF,
  • The OHx51 Object-Hex Converter has a new directive MERGE32K that generates HEX file images for devices with 32KB code banks that use code bank 0 as common area. The hardware for such a system is documented in Banking with Common Area on page 303. However, the Ax51 User's Guides implies in Creating HEX files for Banked Applications on page 389 that OHx51 automatically detects such a hardware configuration (which it doesn't). You must specify the MERGE32K directive to get images with 32KB banks. In µVision you may select this option under Options for Target - Output - Merge 32K Hexfile.

Last Reviewed: Thursday, April 15, 2004

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