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Example Programs

The Keil MDK-ARM Development Tools download includes several example programs that are configured for the Keil MCB1800 Board.

The examples are configured for a number of µVision targets which demonstrate executing code from RAM or Flash memory, and how to use some of the features of the Keil tools.

All examples use the same file structure:

  • Abstract.txt contains a short description of the example.
  • startup_lpc18xx.s contains the startup code for the microcontroller.
  • system_lpc18xx.c contains the system initialization code for the microcontroller.
  • Example dependent source code.

MDK V4 Examples

Each example project is stored in a separate sub-folder of:

  • \KEIL\ARM\BOARDS\KEIL\MCB1800\ for the MCB1800 board.
  • \KEIL\ARM\BOARDS\KEIL\MCB4300\ for the MCB4300 board.

The following example program is installed automatically:

    The Blinky project is a simple example that demonstrates configuring and controlling multiple GPIO ports to blink the on-board LEDs sequentially. SysTimer is used in interrupt mode and ticks every 10ms which toggle the LED flash sequence.

The Blinky example is configured for three µVision targets:

  • LPC1850 RAM - where the program runs in internal RAM.
  • LPC1850 Ext. Flash - where the program runs from external Flash.
  • LPC1850 SPIFI - where the program runs from on-board SPIFI Flash. You must change the boot jumpers to boot from SPIFI Flash. See SPIFI boot mode in the Boot Configuration Settings section of Configuring the MCB1800 for the jumper settings.

MDK V5 Examples

The examples provided for MDK V5, are included in the Device Family Pack and my be copied to the folder of your choice using the Pack Installer. To do this:

  1. In uVision V5, click the Pack Installer icon.
  2. Click the Examples tab, and locate the Blinky (MCB1800) example.
  3. Pack Installer: Copy Example

  4. Click the Copy button to copy the example project to a folder of your choice.
  5. Pack Installer: Copy Example Dialog

    The checkboxes retain example project folder structure and open the project in a new instance of uVision.

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